Justice and Empowerment of Minorities - JEM is an initiative of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, country’s oldest and largest socio-cultural organisations of Indian Muslims.

JEM’s mission is to safeguard the human rights of, and countering hate speech targeted against religious minorities of the country. It endeavours to collect, collate and present cases of harassment, in any form, perpetrated against the country’s minorities by right-wing elements. Its aim is to promote Rule of Law and access to justice, equal rights, citizen’s security and human rights, defend and empower religious minorities, marginalised and persecuted individuals, groups and communities. It publishes four Quarterly Reviews and an Annual Review every year, highlighting the hate crimes against minorities, besides responding to marginalisation and persecution of minorities in addition to ensuring implementation of equal rights, justice and peace, religious tolerance and coexistence in the country.

JEM’s aim is to empower and provide justice and judicial assistance to the victims of such crimes, which could be categorised under ‘Hate Crimes’. It further aims to strengthen the constitutional edifice of the country, which guarantees the rights and dignity of minority groups, besides helping to build a vibrant, thriving and affluent India.