Our Work

Our Vision

Safeguarding Human Rights and Countering Hate Crimes and Related incidents against Minorities in India.

Our Mission

To promote the rule of law and minorities’ access to justice, equal rights, and human rights; besides enhancing the understanding on Hate Crimes and related narratives against minorities in the Indian context; build the bridges of solidarities amongst minorities and other communities; and defend and empower religious minorities, marginalised and persecuted individuals, groups and communities.

Our Goal

To respond to the marginalisation and persecution of minorities in India, plan action and strategies towards ensuring equal rights, access to justice for the minorities and promoting peace in the country.

Our Objectives

  1. Support victims of Hate-crimes by connecting them to professional victim assistance services and agencies in their state, where attorneys and legal professionals can guide the victim through the legal process, besides protections the victims.
  2. Develop and maintain a ‘Hate-Crime and Database’ by documenting the voices, narratives, anecdotes, testimonies related with anti-Muslim and anti-minorities hate crimes, incitement to violence and other incidents of Hate Crimes.
  3. Work with law enforcement agencies to take prompt and effective actions to protect victims of Hate-crimes and to bring the culprits to justice.
  4. Campaign for better legislation at the local, state and national levels to support and protect the victims of Hate crimes.
  5. Foster dialogue, mediation, training, and consultation to assist adversary communities to come together, develop solutions to counter Hate Crimes and Hate-crimes, and enhance their capacity to independently prevent and resolve such crimes in the future.
  6. Raise critical understanding about the rising Hate-crimes in India and its threat to peace and prosperity in India.
  7. Work with international human rights mechanism(s) in their efforts of defending rights of religious minorities.
  8. Work with youth to develop leadership with capabilities to promote peace-building, interfaith harmony and equal citizenship.